Bridle Path Master Bathroom & Closet

This house was built in the 1980s and the large jacuzzi tub had become the storage space for the exercise ball. An adjoining guest bedroom was filled with clothes racks to hold her many clothes and there was no place for her shoes other than to be piled on the floor. It was time to totally rework the space she had so it would give her what she wanted. This meant clearing it all out taking out the angles and the curves, closing up two doors and creating another.

Now the new design could take shape with lots of storage, a big open shower where the jacuzzi tub used to be, two separate vanities and a dressing table. There was little open wall space with the shower, the mirrors, the floor to ceiling cabinetry, so the wallpaper she loved went on the ceiling where it could be enjoyed from any place in the room. The custom built closet has loads of shoe storage which she requested. The dresser is a family owned piece that was painted and placed in the closet. And what’s any dressing space without a fur covered acrylic bench with nail head trim?



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