Dressed Bath
Camelot Bathroom
An elegant lady's bath
An elegant lady's bath
Circa 1931 Home
Welcome to Luxurious Spaces
What would it be like to enjoy your home so much and the way it makes you feel that you never want to leave? Whether you are seeking total transformation or a subtle re-imagination of space and purpose, Luxurious Spaces works with you to achieve your vision.

Leslie Sipes, creative expert, takes an ordinary space, adds some inspiration and creates a Luxurious Space that is truly life transforming!

Transforming Indoor Spaces:
  • New construction planning
  • Remodeling/Renovation
  • Space planning for improved function
Transforming Outdoor Spaces:
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Landscape creations to enhancments
  • Custom container creations

What ordinary space can Luxurious Spaces transform for you?
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    We moved into a home with a yard that had been neglected
for two years. Leslie came up with a wonderful design, took the time to teach us about the plants, and...
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